A place for book-lovers to gather, discover, meet and share –
a kind of social club for readers, as well as a space for makers.

Prospero’s Project is also the name we’ve given our social enterprise - learn more about it here…


Prospero’s Project – the place – is open to members of Much Ado’s Readers Club. They find overstuffed chairs, a place to enjoy a cup of tea with a friend, magazines to browse, books to peruse and a haven for indulging in a love of reading.

We have a craft and meeting space on the first floor, where we run workshops for 6 to 12 people; book group meetings; author events; and other gatherings.

The space is available to rent - click here to read more about it.

The first floor also features a writer’s room - a retreat with a desk in a book-lined room, where writers of all stripes can find inspiration and a place to focus. Click here to learn more about using the Writers Room.

Our selection 0f antiquarian books fills bookcases on both floors. Collectors and enthusiasts can find old, vintage and antiquarian books, but we recommend making an appointment in advance – Prospero’s Project is not generally open to the public.

Finally, Prospero’s Project gives us space to work on our social enterprise, which is also named Prospero’s Project. Click here to learn more about the social enterprise.

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Old & Antiquarian Books

Thousands of antiquarian books are now available in Prospero's Project.

Some of these old and vintage books are listed on-line. You can search the collection and purchase books on-line using the search box below.

(Prospero’s Project is not generally open to the public. Please be in touch to arrange a chance to browse the collections - click here to e-mail us)


Holding Craft Workshops & Meetings in Prospero’s Project

Does your book group want to meet in a bookshop? Do you want to lead a craft workshop? There’s a great space for you at Prospero’s Project!

Our first-floor craft and meeting room features a table for eight to ten people. It is a comfortable, book-lined space with good lighting for creative projects and gatherings.

Our basic rate for use of the room during normal opening times is £20 per hour.

But we may be able to offer advantageous rates for community groups and reading clubs. And we may also be able to offer special shop discounts for meeting participants.

For evening and early-morning gatherings we add staffing costs to the basic fees.

We have a small kitchenette where you can make tea or coffee. You will  generally be expected to bring your own refreshments, but we have glasses, plates and cutlery for your use.

Email us about arranging a craft workshop, meeting or bookgroup get-together.


Writing at Prospero’s Project

Hourly Rates

  • Old books encompassing a charming writing desk? Check!

  • Tea or coffee-making facilities? Check!

  • Wi-fi? Check!

We offer one-hour modules during regular store hours, with half-hour breaks mandatory every two hours (in case other customers might want to browse books in the writing room). The room may be used out-of-hours, but only by special arrangement. Cost: £10 per hour. Please e-mail us to start making arrangements.

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A room of one’s own

Whether you need to focus on a report or if you’re trying your hand at poetry; whether you’re an experienced author or just starting out – the right place to write can make a huge difference!

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